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The catering activity is carried out by highly qualified staff, the meals are prepared to satisfy the slightest wishes of the customers and as provided for in contracts and purchase orders. The dishes offered are diverse and take into account the expectations of our customers’ staff (expatriate staff). As part of the management of living bases, SARL Multicatering Algeria also maintains homes and cafeterias.

Health and satisfaction are the key words of all community services. We concretize our commitment to restore you by combining traditional recipes and modern methodologies to guarantee safety and hygiene.

Our attention begins with the choice of raw materials, always favoring local, fresh productions, and limiting imports as much as possible.

In particular, and for this very reason, while respecting the wishes of our users, we require for all products a guarantee of non-contamination by genetically modified organisms.


Cleaning services and laundry are provided using products that strictly comply with environmental and safety regulations. Specialized staff, quality products and modern equipment provide our customers with high level services

    • Reception;                                                                        
    • Cleaning of rooms and common areas;
    • Laundry room;
    • Garbage collection and management;
    • Disinfestation;
    • Ordinary and preventive maintenance;
    • Monitoring;
    • Maintenance of green spaces and gardening.

Facility Management

Our company offers you tailor-made services of:

  • Cleaning of offices and premises
  • Maintenance of green areas.
  • Waste management and collection while respecting selective sorting.
  • Maintening of all kinds of equipment.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain is one of our strong points which formulates the competitive advantage of our company, the supply within Our company becomes at the center of our interests, the choice of our suppliers comes after an in-depth analysis and application of the criteria very strict selection Our logistics platform has optimized and secure storage spaces to best meet your different needs in terms of infrastructure and transport equipment MULTICATERING provides you with storage areas, cold rooms, buses, refrigerated trucks. and other different tools that facilitate service delivery.

Installation of camps

SARL MULTICATERING ALGERIA, has workshops for the assembly and maintenance of Saharan cabins and various equipment, and also collaborates in this area with reliable and reputable suppliers on the market. The company also ensures the installation of life camps, turnkey, according to customer recommendations and in compliance with the health and safety requirements of workers and users, as well as the environment.

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