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HR Management

We are developing an active Human Resources policy that is consistent with our values ​​of fairness, solidarity and equal treatment. We therefore pay particular attention to the integration of employees, professional training and development, and to maintaining a healthy and safe socio-professional environment.

  • The recruitment and integration of new hires are special moments for us, which should allow us to motivate our employees and give meaning to their profession.

  • The training of our employees, throughout their careers, is an essential lever, in our view, so that they acquire new skills, develop their know-how and adapt to change.

  • The diversity of our professions offers our employees real opportunities for development, as long as they are mobile and motivated. This is why we encourage them to approach change in a positive way and to be active in their careers.

  • We strive to make occupational health and safety a daily reflex for our employees.

 Thanks to this dynamic  Human Resources policy, we promote the involvement of our employees and the development of their skills, with the ambition of ensuring a quality service, resolutely focused on people and fully in line with the needs and the expectations of our customers.

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